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John Catling



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Hi my name is John Catling and I am the photographer here at JC Photography Studio. Photography has been my passion from an early age. I find that a great photograph can mesmerize me for hours, from the technical details of the camera settings and the lighting.


The first camera given to me as a young kid was a Kodak instamatic that went everywhere with me and probably cost my parents a small fortune to develop all the images I would shoot with no concern or knowledge of the cost. Over the years I transitioned into SLR camera's and in about 2006 made the switch to digital and have been upgrading my equipment and skills constantly as technology has been evolving faster than ever. Originally most of my focus was on sports and motorsports, although still enjoying those forms of photography my attention has been directed to portraiture and headshot photography. I have built a small studio to help me achieve my goal of being able to do this at my own location, which gives me total control of the lighting environment. Well enough about me, its the subject that matters and taking the best image of you so that you can make that new first impression.

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